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We all love to be entertained and it’s common knowledge that when correctly selected, entertainment will be the most memorable element of your event! Should it be a 15 minute outside distraction while a room is turned around, or a 90-minute circus performance under a Big Top – we’ll bewitch, beguile and bewilder your audience.


In fact, our mutual love for circus is what got us started working in performance, events and entertainment in the first place. The Fandangos team didn’t so much run away to the circus as become one – in a manner of speaking at least.


You can speak to us about:

  • Circus Shows

  • Corporate entertainment

  • Festival fun zones and Children’s areas

  • Roving performers

  • Team building days

  • Highline Performances

  • Birthday parties of all ages

  • Wedding activities and entertainment

  • Fire shows and firework displays 

  • Aerial shows


There's a video below of an event we annually program entertainment for. Get in contact with us!

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