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Whether it’s staging a circus spectacle or planning a firework display, to managing a festival area – or organising your companies summer party! Fandangos can be summed up in two words: exciting and experimental.


If your team needs additional support for a particular event – then we can do that. If you need full event production, we’ll hire in all the staff and experts needed to run your function like a well-oiled machine. We’ll liaise with you beforehand and throughout, so we know exactly what you want us to deliver.


We can help you with:

  • Event production

  • Event planning and documentation

  • Event health and safety

  • Event licencing

  • Infrastructure

  • Live management

  • Event crew / teams

  • Stage programming and management

  • Staging and lighting

  • Food and drink provisions


The Fandangos’ flair, capacity to keep calm and carry on under pressure combined with an extensive network of superb suppliers and support personnel has enhanced countless occasions.


Click the link below to view a video of The Children’s Fête, an event we’ve produced for the Mechanics’ Institution Trust for a number of years. This is Swindon’s longest-running community and cultural event and one that we’re proud of our involvement in.


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