For more years than we care to remember, Fandangos has had an unhealthy obsession with both attending festivals and, in recent years, running areas at some of the UK’s finest. Festivals is where Fandangos love to be! During the summer season we like to get around to as many festivals as we can. So, give us a shout if you think we should come your way. 


Besides going to them, we’re interested in helping you to run yours.  Because we’ve got long years of festival experience we know what works and what the busy areas will be. 


We’ve worked on area production and zone management, along with securing licences from local Councils, organising bars and their associate licences, tents and more. In short: we take the festival faff away!


We’re eager to be at more festivals, working on production to give your festival-goers an amazing experience with the Fandango funky atmosphere.


For more information about the full festival Fandango get in touch now. Below are a few of the festivals we’ve worked on.