A fandango, for the uninitiated, is a lively Spanish dance involving much hand clapping. Because much of what we do at Fandangos is about performance – the term fits us well! 

Between us all, the Fandangos team has years of cumulative experience gathered from the performance arts. We’re well-known for our circus skills. We juggle, we walk the tightrope, we do gasp-inducing acrobatics. But Fandangos is so much more.

Our biggest kick comes from seeing folks of all ages having a great time. 


Give us an event, any event, and we will talk to you about what you’d like and how we can make it memorable in the right way for you. Though often mentioned in the same breath as eccentricity and character, Fandangos is miles broader than that. What you most need to know is that, when it comes to staging events of all kinds, we know what we’re doing.



Check out our services for more of what we can do for your event. Then pick up the phone and tell us your ideas.

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