The Blank Canvas

Don’t let the name fool you, this is an extendable PVC marquee still in a traditional style on varnished wooden king and wall poles. It can be any size from 9x9m up to a super cool 28m long.


This spacious tent is a fab starting point for anyone who’s seeking a ‘blank canvas’ to make the event entirely their own. Due to the flexibility of the sizes, this is a very popular tent for weddings of all sizes, display/exhibition/stall spaces and festival bars thanks to its long frontage. 

*Maximum based on empty marquee and allowing 0.7m2 per person

**Maximum based on empty marquee seated at round tables / long tables

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9 x 30 5
9x30 2
9 x 30 3
HandR outside2 V_2
9 x 30 4