The Tower

If you’ll pardon the expression, our tower is a magnificent erection. At a whopping 6.5m high, this sturdy steel structure is eye-catching to say the least!  


Our team pieces it together in situ to create a centrepiece that your audience will see for miles around. The tower’s first floor features a huge platform, 2.65m from the ground. It’s big enough to accommodate your DJ and a centre table for their equipment. 


The tower is a solid structure that we use to integrate high-line rope-walking and aerial performances. We can decorate it to fit with your theme and, if desired, hire it out as a stand-alone prop for decorations. 


The tower has been used as the Gold Mine stage at LeeFest (Now The Neverworld), a transmission tower for Glastonbury Festivals’ Shangrila area and even an entrance to a circus show!

The Rocket

This wooden rocket is a must for any space events! It stands at 4.5m and is painted red and white. It can be used as an entrance to a stage for a performer, a brilliant photo opportunity or just as event decoration. Comes with smoke machines for added effect and the hatch can even be branded.


Here’s some photos of it in action. The rocket can be installed in 2 hours

Giant Chair

Fantastic for all summer parties! We have a lovely giant deck chair. Fantastic for outside events and a brilliant photo opportunity. Very easy to brand to suit any event and corporate customers. Red and white striped. 

Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons are great for a special occasion. They can be used for announcements, cutting of the ribbons, award ceremonies and even gender reveals.

Wall Drapes

Red and yellow wall drapes to turn any plain room into a circus big top!

Clown cut outs

2 x Lifesize clown cut outs – a nice event host for your guests.

Circus Ring

Traditional wooden pieces which join together to make a giant circus ring – great for event theming and décor.


A huge variety of different types and colours

Festoon Lighting

Beautiful lighting for pathways etc.

We’re a friendly and approachable bunch. If you want to know more about anything you’ve seen on this website or are convinced already and want to book us you can either fill out the web form below, or you can call us on 07757 761343 or drop us a line on  If we are too busy to pickup the phone, leave us a message and we will come back to you.