Are there traditional

marquees in australia?



My company Fandangos (click here to see our website in a new window) is an event and entertainment business based in the south-west of England. I’ve recently been working out in Australia again and have had a great time working in the event industry out here.


Back home, a big part of our business is marquee hires for events, festivals, fetes, weddings etc. The type of marquee I use at home are classed as “Traditional Marquees”, they’re a lot less common than the metal framed type which are so popular, in Australia and in England. The traditional marquees give a different look and feel which I really prefer, so that’s the direction the business went in. To see the types  I mean see our marquees here.


While I’ve been working here in Australia (Sydney based) I noticed that I never saw any traditional marquees at any of the events I was working. I did some research, asked people I worked with and googling but I was unable to find any companies that offered traditional style marquees like I work with at home. (I note that there are the big-top style tents which do the large city events which hold 1000’s…I’m looking slightly smaller scale)


I’m trying to find out:

  • Do you know any companies in Australia who provide these type of traditional marquees? (PVC or Canvas Types)

  • Do you think traditional marquees would be popular?

  • Do you know any reason why these tents aren’t popular  here? (Wind? Regulations?)

  • Do you want one?!

If anyone has any insights, recommendations of people to speak to or if you’re interested in these tents then please drop me a line. I’m trying to gauge if it’s worth potentially importing some traditional marquees to Australia.


Any feedback is welcomed and encouraged as are any questions.

Please email to


Thank you for taking the time to read this -  check out the images to see what we mean!

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