The Fandangos team didn’t so much run away to the circus as become one – in a manner of speaking at least. Between us we’ve got years of practice at circus performance under our leotards. Indeed, it’s our mutual love for circus that got us all started working in performance, events and entertainment in the first place.  


With our combined skills we can – and what’s more we do – deliver everything from a one-man street show all the way up to a full two-hour circus performance underneath a traditional Big Top. What’s more, we have access to some of the finest circus musicians that the UK can boast. We’ll bewitch, beguile and bewilder your audience. You can even have a crack at being the Ring Master if you want. And no fears about having to tame lions! 


We work with you from your initial idea, to the show production and then onto the finished event. 

It’s difficult to convey on a website the thrill of the Fandangos’ circus experience. The best thing to do is talk to us about it…